Maximizing Space & Style with a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

A custom glass shower enclosure is a popular choice among Toronto homeowners, especially those with limited bathroom space.

t helps maximize your space and keep your bathroom well-organized. Plus, it is sleek and sophisticated, providing a modern look.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or designing a new one, installing a glass shower enclosure will benefit you in many ways.

But, before we explore these benefits, let’s look at what we are talking about.

What Is a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure?

Custom glass shower enclosures are made-to-measure glass panels and doors designed specifically for a bathroom’s shower area. They can be made using different glass materials, including tempered, frosted, or clear glass. Also, they come in framed and frameless styles. A framed shower enclosure features metal frames around the glass panels; a frameless one consists of glass panels only, which are held in place by hardware such as hinges and clamps.

Why You Should Choose a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure

Here’s why you should consider installing a custom glass shower enclosure in your bathroom.

  1. It Increases Space: Traditional showers and doors take up a significant amount of floor space and make your bathroom feel cramped. On the other hand, installing a custom shower glass enclosure will make your bathroom feel more spacious. That is because it is made to fit the exact dimensions of your shower, ensuring no wasted space. This means that you can enjoy a considerable shower area without having to sacrifice floor space.
  2. It Is Stylish and Modern: Glass is a popular material in modern bathroom designs as it looks minimalist and sleek. Also, it reflects light, making your bathroom look more spacious and bright.
  3. It Is Designed to Fit Your Bathroom : Whether you have a large or small bathroom, a custom glass shower enclosure can be designed to fit your space perfectly. For example, if you have a small bathroom, choosing a corner shower enclosure is ideal to maximize your space. Or, if you have a larger and more spacious bathroom, a walk-in glass shower enclosure is an excellent choice to create a spa-like experience.Having a custom glass shower enclosure means you pick the size, shape, and style to suit your needs. You can also choose from a wide range of doors, such as sliding doors, pivot doors, or hinged doors.
  4. It Is Easy to Clean and Maintain: Glass shower enclosures are low maintenance as the smooth, non-porous surface of glass makes it impossible for mould or mildew to build up.Also, most types of glass used for shower enclosures require simple cleaning with just soap and water, making it easy for you to maintain their appearance for years to come. Those with treated glass, like clear or frosted glass, are even easier to clean. Plus, they reduce the visibility of water spots.
  5. It Is Durable and Safe: Custom glass shower enclosures are an ideal option for kids. The glass used to make custom glass shower enclosures is tempered (i.e. heat-treated). This makes them stronger and more resistant to breakage than untreated glass. Even if it does break, tempered glass will shatter into tiny particles instead of sharp, dangerous shards.Also, custom shower enclosures are designed to fit the exact dimensions of your shower, ensuring a tight, secure fit. This means no water will leak outside the shower area, preventing any accidents due to slippery floors.

Custom glass shower enclosures are excellent for homeowners looking to upgrade their bathroom and maximize space. They offer a sleek, modern look, and are easy to clean and maintain. Now that you know their benefits, consider installing one in your bathroom. To get high-quality shower enclosures at competitive prices, contact Shower Lagoon today.