Framed versus Frameless -Which is Best for Glass Shower Doors

When it comes to buying shower doors, you will have to choose between framed and frameless ones. Framed doors add value and style to your abode while the frameless ones are a sophisticated and classy addition to the interior decoration of your bathroom. If you are planning to work on bathroom remodeling, then you may think of installing glass doors as an important part of the project. You will have to decide if you want to install framed or frameless door. Knowing the difference between them will help you choose the right kind of door for bathroom. Before making your final decision, let’s look at these two kinds of doors you want to install for your bathroom.

Framed versus Frameless Doors

Framed doors are the most common type of shower enclosure with metal frames. They provide structural support to the glass panels. Today’s framed glass doors can be found in different metal finishes such as polished brass, brushed chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and antique nickel. Homeowners may customize these glasses with varied options available that include – patterned, tinted, etched and frosted. Frameless glass doors are more appealing to homeowners due to their attractive look and design. These doors are made of durable glass that provides makes the bathroom look more spacious. If your bathroom has beautiful tiles and fittings, then frameless doors go best with the grace.

Framed shower doors may provide a more consistent feeling if you haven’t updated your bathroom for a few years. Also, a metal frame is needed to support such glass doors. Frameless shower doors look stylish and modern when installed in the bathroom. Nowadays, homeowners prefer installing these doors since they help improve the worth of your property. As such, frameless ones are becoming a smart investment for every home.

Factors to Consider When Installing Glass Doors

Check out some factors before installing shower glass doors.

  • Design and functionality: Framed doors are most popular amongst homeowners at the time of installation. However, the design of these doors may not suit limited space and it might make your small bathroom look smaller than its actual size. Frameless ones, on the other hand, may be a good choice for small and large bathrooms. Since they are frameless, the area virtually looks bigger.
  • Proper maintenance: Framed shower doors have metal frames where you will find mildews and molds. This can be a major problem at the time of cleaning since it is difficult to remove molds with water and brush. Besides, metals may rust over time unless stainless steel used is of high quality. On the contrary, frameless glass doors are easy to clean and maintain. Water drops directly on the floors preventing molds to grow on places where it is difficult to reach.
  • Compatibility with the décor: When deciding the type of shower door that would best fit your bathroom, you should consider the look and feel that matches your requirement. If you are planning to do bathroom remodeling, then you should choose door style that goes well with the interior decor. However, if you are installing new glass doors, don’t forget to think about the entire bathroom before making the final decision.

Glass shower enclosure you choose should fortify the style statement you envision for your bathroom. Get in touch with a shower door professional when choosing between various options available for framed and frameless doors.