Replacing Sliding Glass Doors – What are the Options?

Sliding glass door is a great way to give a new look to your home. Installing glass door provide more amount of light in the kitchen and backyard. If you are renovating home, then replacing sliding doors will help revamp your home when improving energy efficiency of your home. There are different kinds of sliding doors available that will meet the requirement of homeowners. However, sliding door replacement is a complicated operation and hiring a professional will get the work done easily.

  • French doors – French doors are made of panels of glass available in different sizes. They can be found in pairs and are hinged, either in-swing or out-swing. They can be used as interior and exterior doors. These doors are used to link two rooms that include living space and dining room. Besides, they provide access to balconies, gardens and patios. They are a great addition to your home when replacing sliding glass doors.
  • Patio doors – These doors are a great alternative to French doors and are amongst the popular features of your home. They are quite similar to two adjacent French doors where one side remains fixed and does not open. On the other hand, another door swings back against fixed panel that helps in saving wall space. They provide convenient accessibility of natural light to enter interior space with unobstructed views. Although old-style patio doors help in heat loss, poor security and leakage, yet modern doors seem to have shown significant improvement.
  • Sliding patio doors – Sliding patio doors allow you to keep furniture close to each other. They are a good source of natural light and require less floor space. These doors can be found in both Contemporary and French style. You may select from different kinds of materials and products apt for your requirement.
  • Pocket doors – Pocket doors can be found as either single or double doors. Though old-fashioned, they add beauty and charm to your home. These doors slide horizontally to disappear into the adjacent wall. They are usually found in old houses, however newer homes also have this type of door.
  • Arcadia doors – These sliding glass doors are mainly used in the exterior part of your house. They are made of strong glass that can withstand natural elements. Arcadia doors have gained popularity because they welcome natural light into your house and provide an open view of the outdoor.

You need to get in touch with an expert who has good experience in sliding glass door installation and replacement. Someone who is specialized will be able to suggest which door will best suit your need and complement the interiors of your home.