Design Ideas for a No-Threshold Shower

A no-threshold shower is among the most modern designs for contemporary bathrooms. A design which extends from the bathroom floor and seamlessly into the shower area, it does away with the common curbing and edging around a shower area. With so many remodelling ideas for your bathroom, it’s best to conduct your own research for your bathroom modernization project. Take a look at some benefits and downsides of a no-threshold shower design to help you decide if it’s the most suitable option for you.


  • Open concept

Showers with no thresholds can be designed to have partitions or glass shower doors. An open concept can also be applied, which means the shower area will have no doors. This gives homeowners multiple possibilities to create an ideal bath area which suits their families and their own needs.

  • Contemporary look and feel

A no threshold design provides a modern and sleek look to the bathroom. Especially when installed in a modern bathroom, it improves the general aesthetics while creating a striking look.

  • Greater accessibility

For older individuals or people with disabilities, a no-threshold shower design is highly recommended. It eliminates the need for them to step up or over a ledge, and provides greater accessibility, making it more convenient.

  • Increased functional space

A no-threshold shower area doesn’t require a ledge around its base. Hence, it can be placed in a different way than a traditional shower area. In many cases, this also means that the usable space in the bathroom can be extended. Whether that means more storage or floor space is complete up to you.

  • Different drain design option

There are two drain options available for a no-threshold shower design. One option is a trench drain and the other one is a centre drain. A trench drain is something which goes where the curb or door would have gone. A centre drain, however, is located in the centre of the floor, which is slightly sloping towards the middle. This encourages the water to flow towards it.


  • No bathtub

If the bathroom with a no-threshold shower design is the only bathroom in your house, you could put off future buyers. Families with young children usually look for houses with a tub since it makes less of a mess when the children bathe. Also, you lose the option of taking a bath in that space.

  • Investment

Installing a no-threshold shower requires smart designing and thorough planning. It will possibly demand a larger investment upfront, than a typical traditional bathroom design. This will probably be worthwhile for homeowners looking to achieve specific aesthetics; it might be a turnoff for others.

  • Size constraints

A no-threshold shower will add functional bathroom space. However, in some cases, it can also take up more space than a traditional shower. This happens because it requires sufficient surrounding space from the bathroom fixtures and cabinets, to prevent damage caused by splashing.

It comes as no surprise that modern bathroom designs are so popular. Today’s homeowners love to seek contemporary designs for the bath. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for remodelling purposes or building a new one. No matter the concept, you can count on your bathroom to stand out with the no-threshold shower design.