What Type of Glass Shower Enclosure Should You Choose?

Your shower enclosure is a highly functional element of your bathroom as it separates the wet area from the dry. Indeed, it can make or break both the look and accessibility of your entire bathroom.

Factors like the size and shape of your bathroom along with the position of any windows should be considered when selecting the type of enclosure. Whether you are designing a new master bath or renovating what you have, your decisions will come down to personal style, inspiration, budget, and practicality.

That’s why our glass shower experts at Shower Lagoon have broken down the different types of glass wall shower enclosures, to help you choose the right one for your bathroom.

Types of Shower Enclosure: Which One Is Best For Your Bathroom?

Installing the right glass shower enclosure is very important. It must have all the functions you need. For example, it should provide privacy and contain shower steam to create a warm climate. If you don’t pick the right one, water can seep into your flooring over time, causing irreversible damage.

First, we will tell you what you should look out for.

  • It should fit into your space.
  • It should match your style.
  • It should prevent water from flooding outside the bath area.
  • It should accentuate your bathroom.


So, let’s take a look at the different shower enclosures available for your bathroom.

Sliding Shower Enclosures: These enclosures are an ideal space saver for smaller bathrooms. You can customize these glass enclosures for any shower design, leaving extra space for other necessary bathroom fixtures.

If you admire elegant and chic style, you should go with a sliding shower enclosure.

Hinged Shower Enclosures:  A hinged shower enclosure provides a larger opening into the wet area and is ideal for larger bathrooms. It has one or more glass lites as well as two or three hinges on one side that allow the door to open inward or outward.

Hinged shower enclosures are minimally styled for an open, airy feel. They are similar to pivot doors except the door is held by hinged joints instead of pivoting pins. Shower enclosure doors can be framed or frameless. A frameless design will create a narrower, more appealing sightline. You can add a chrome handlebar to give your bathroom a modern designer look.

Framed & Frameless Shower Enclosures: If you want to give your bathroom a minimalist yet premium look, consider a frameless shower enclosure. It allows light to pass through for a spacious and airy feel and offers unobstructed views and long sightlines. They are also easier to maintain. However, they are more expensive than framed options.

Framed shower enclosures are less expensive and easier to install. In a framed shower enclosure, the glass is inserted within brass, aluminum, or chrome-finished sections that can give it a panelled or grid-like appearance. These framed glass showers offer a classy, traditional look without sacrificing aesthetics for functionality.

Square Shower Enclosures: Shape and size play crucial roles when choosing a shower enclosure. One of the most popular shapes is the square shower enclosure. It is best for bathrooms with limited space as it can be easily fitted onto a wall or corner. It also offers a stylish and modern look without taking up too much space for any curves.

Not having any curved glass also provides you with more options when it comes to doors and frames. Because of these benefits, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among homeowners.

Note: If you have more space, consider a rectangular shower enclosure.

 Quadrant Shower Enclosures: If you want to maximize your bathroom’s corner, choose a quadrant (a.k.a. semi-oval) shower enclosure. It has two ends similar to square shower enclosures, with the middle of the semi-oval having both a straight and curved side. The straight side is of course placed against the wall with the curved side facing into the bathroom. This maximizes space compared to square and rectangular shower enclosures.

Its curved frontage is ideal for tight spaces and offers a cool, modern look. A sliding shower door provides more room to customize.

Are you ready to give your bathroom a new look with a top-quality shower enclosure? Then contact Shower Lagoon. As one of Ontario’s leading shower enclosure retailers, we have experienced installers who can customize the product to suit your bathroom’s specific needs.

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