The Pros and Cons of a Curbless Walk-In Shower

A lot of homeowners these days are opting for curbless walk-in showers in their newly renovated or redesigned bathrooms because of its rising popularity. A curbless walk-in shower helps create a streamlined bathroom but not all bathrooms can accommodate them. If you’re thinking of installing a curbless shower, you should know their pros and cons to make the best choice for your bathroom.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of curbless walk-in shower including some useful product selection tips.


  • Easy to Use for All Age Groups

If you’re staying with your ageing parents and grandparents, it’s important that you have a bathroom that’s safe and functional for all the members of your family. For kids and teenagers, stepping over a 4” tall shower curb is a cakewalk but for seniors, it’s a difficult task. Installing a curbless shower makes getting in and out of the shower equally easy for people of all age groups. It eliminates the chances of tripping and getting hurt as they can just walk straight into the shower.

  • Easier to Clean than Shower Enclosures

Another excellent feature of a curbless shower is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. Unlike a bathtub and enclosed shower, you don’t need to bend over and scrub its surface. It comes with better accessibility and fewer nooks and crannies. A curbless shower is easier to reach in and clean without having to bruise your elbows.

  • Makes a Bathroom Look More Spacious

This shower design works well in small bathrooms. In smaller spaces, the continual flooring usually extends into the shower and throughout the bathroom creating a seamless look. Also, a curbless shower eliminates the need of a shower curtain or a shower door, thereby saving a significant amount of space. It provides less visual clutter and makes it appear larger.


  • Water Leakage outside the Shower

Without a curb or barrier around the shower, water can get out easily outside the shower and wet the bathroom floor. If you have a small bathroom, there is the possibility of water damage to your vanity and other vulnerable bathroom decor items. Using a rain shower head can help combat the problem by keeping the water coming down in a certain spot inside the shower. Opting for a curved glass block wall or a pivoting shower screen can also help prevent water leakage.

  • Too Little Privacy

As a curbless shower is open, you’ll have less privacy. If privacy is a concern in your bathroom, then installing a shower curtain or glass blocks can help solve privacy issues.

  • Colder Room

Since it’s without a door, it allows heat to escape making your shower experience colder. Using heated flooring can keep the shower area warmer when you take a shower.

Now that you know about the pros and cons of curbless walk-in showers, you can make an informed purchase decision. If you’re unsure whether it’s suitable for your bathroom space or not, consult bathroom installation experts for advice.

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