Planning Ahead for a Smooth Bathroom Renovation

A warm, relaxing bath after a long, cold day is exactly what we require to unwind. So in a way, bathrooms become our havens. To maintain this feeling, we often have the need to give the room a complete makeover. Before proceeding, it always helps to plan ahead so that there are minimum obstructions in the process.

• Style and design
When planning for renovation, the first thing is to decide on what style to adopt. Tastes vary across people and choices made should reflect that. Decide on the paint colour, how modern you want your washroom to look and what kind of bath fittings and accessories to go for. Researching helps here and you can also opt to feature a particular item and design rest of the space on the particular theme.

• Practicality
When designing a washroom, practicality is the very first consideration that comes to mind. Due to its heavy functionality, the materials used must be sturdy and long-lasting. Do not opt for porous natural stones for floor tiles since they can absorb moisture and become stained in due course of time, unless sealed properly. The best options are glazed or porcelain tiles. Tiles with matte-finishes or textured surfaces offer a good grip. During the design process, make sure to utilize spaces properly through correct alignment and layout.

• Measurements
This is an extremely important step when buying bathroom fittings since the fittings will turn out to be disproportionate to the size of the room if care is not exercised. Ensure that specifications and measurements are exact to fit the space because we hope to optimize the available space as much as possible.

• Lighting
Adequate lighting is not just practical but its deficiency can also lead to safety issues. Apart from the functional aspect, it can contribute towards creation of an overall feel-good ambience as well. Plan to maximize the natural light and go for incandescent lighting for a contemporary look and feel.

• Ventilation
Bathrooms need proper ventilation so that user does not feel cramped and suffocated. Aeration is also necessary to ensure that mold and moisture do not make friends with your space. This can be achieved through proper planning. You need not just the right exhaust system but also installation in the appropriate position. The fan should expel the air directly outside so that there is a clean air cycle. A small window helps in improvement of air quality too.

• Budget
This is one thing that can often influence all your decisions pertaining to renovations. Prepare a realistic budget, plan and buy according to it. However, while implementing, make sure that you stick to it. Your expectations will help contractors to come up with quotes and estimates accordingly.

After all the reworking has been done, please do ensure that the bathroom is cleaned out thoroughly. If the renovation is major, then you might have to contact cleaning services separately. Plan for all of these in advance and you will find the entire process to be smooth and hassle-free.