What to Do When You Notice a Leak in Your Glass Shower Door

Leaks Repairs

Frameless glass shower doors are long-lasting and durable. However, they can easily develop leaks from daily wear and tear. Luckily, most of these leaks can be repaired effortlessly by a professional glass company without the need for replacing the entire glass shower enclosure. If you’re wondering why your glass shower door is leaking, here are some steps you can take.

  • Check the showerhead

Make sure you check the showerhead fitted in your bathroom first. If it’s pointing towards the exterior shower wall or towards the door of the enclosure, it could be resulting in the water escaping outside and making it look like there’s a leakage. You should adjust it and make sure the water flows against the interior wall or the middle of the shower area. The water could also go in unwanted directions if there is lime or calcium build-up in the showerhead. A thorough cleaning of the shower head with a cleaning solution can help get rid of this issue. Soaking the head in the cleaning solution should do the trick.

  • Check the hinges

Check your frameless glass shower door’s hinges for lime scale, calcium, rust and soap scum build-up. The presence of any of these substances can interfere with how the door is closed, causing leaks when the shower is in use. The build-up can be cleaned using a scrub sponge or a bathroom cleaner.

  • Search the shower sealant

When you’re checking the shower seal for leaks, firmly close the shower door and then turn it on. Once it begins, check along the edges for any leaks. Masking tape can be used to mark the areas indicating the sealant has a leak somewhere and can be fixed afterwards.

  • Apply silicone bond

Once you’ve identified the places where the sealant is leaking, check the spots closely. If the caulking present shows any signs of wear and tear, you can cut it off using a utility knife. Also, make sure you cut the glass using a cleaner specifically designed for glass so the silicone bonds well to it. Lastly, you should draw a bead of a new clear silicone caulking and allow it to completely dry.

  • Check the curb or doorsill

A faulty curb or doorsill can result in leaks near the floor. It should be on the same level from end to end. The floor should also be slightly slanted towards the shower as it can prevent the water from running on to the floor. If the position of the curb isn’t proper, it’s either a damage or installation issue. Also, if you don’t have a curb or doorsill, the shower floor should be slightly slanted so that the water heads towards the drain.

  • Repair door sweep

The shower door may have a sweep at the bottom, designed to keep the water inside the shower area. Examine the sweep and if it appears to be broken or detached, remove it and replace it with a new sweep. This may need to be done for both the sweep on the inside as well as outside.

Professional frameless shower enclosures and door installation services are bound to provide to help repair the leaks. A professional glass company can help you save on shower door replacement by conducting minor repairs and correcting the leaks as necessary.

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