Choosing the Right Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom

Shower Enclosure

Potential homebuyers usually want to have at least one bathtub in their new home. However, many of them are also getting rid of their bathtub-shower combination and replacing them with shower enclosures. These enclosures tend to make a bathroom look much bigger, spacious and brighter. They’re also considered to be more convenient for individuals who prefer taking showers over baths. If you’re among the group of people looking to update your shower enclosures, there are some things you must consider first.

  • Keep the space in mind

This is the first step when choosing an enclosure for your bathroom. You should think about where it will be placed in the bathroom while also making sure that the space is big enough for it. Placing an enclosure in an already cramped bathroom or even in a corner can narrow down your available options instantly. The space available and its size are what determine the size and shape of your new shower enclosure.

  • Consider the position of the shower head

The shower enclosure you choose for installation is also greatly affected by the placement of the shower head. This is because there cannot be any gaps in the areas where the water from the shower will go. Also, remember that the door shouldn’t be directly in front of the shower spray. However, the plumbing components must be taken into account as it will determine the position of both the shower head and the enclosure.

  • Decide whether you require a shower tray

A popular trend these days is having wet rooms instead of shower doors. They have tiles on the floors and anywhere on the walls where the water may reach. This is also a feasible option if you have someone who has difficulty stepping over any kind of a raised edge. Hence, to ensure optimum comfort and ease of use, consider installing a shower tray that is custom made to fit the enclosure perfectly.

  • Select a type of frame

Shower enclosures are available in many different types such as frameless, semi-framed and framed. Frameless shower enclosures are easy to clean and provide a contemporary look to any bathroom they’re installed in. But they’re also the most expensive kind of shower enclosures. Semi-framed is a good compromise between frameless and framed shower enclosures in regards to price as well as appearance. Framed shower enclosures are popular as they’re the least expensive and sturdiest option among the three and are especially suitable for families with children.

  • Choose the thickness and type of glass

The next thing you must consider is the thickness and type of glass you want with your shower enclosure. Typically, the standard thickness is 5/32” to 1/2”. A glass which is thicker will be heavier and hence, need more support. When opting for semi-frameless or frameless shower enclosures, many people tend to go for 3/8” thickness and 1/4”is a common choice among many too.

  • Find a reputable installer

Accurate measurement is vital for installation of shower enclosures. More so when the bathroom walls aren’t built at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that the installer measures the wall angles and the floor area properly, enabling the best possible glass adjustment.

Selecting the perfect shower enclosure does not have to be a difficult task. Keeping the above-mentioned points will make the task much easier and help you choose the best option that suits your home.