What Are the Pros & Cons of Different Glass Shower Doors?

Are you looking for the best custom glass shower doors for your bathroom? Yes, they exist to serve a purpose, but can also enhance the room’s beauty. Glass shower doors not only make your room brighter but also show off the stone, tile, marble, or other materials in your shower, which you can also customize.

There are two popular glass shower door options: framed and frameless. It can be difficult to decide between them, as both are great options, but they are quite different.

Here we will outline the advantages and disadvantages of both so that you can make an informed decision.


Framed vs. Frameless Glass Shower Doors


Shower glass doors are an integral part of your bathroom as they increase its beauty and boost the property value of your home. Both framed and frameless glass doors have certain advantages.

1. Materials

Both frameless and framed shower doors are made with tempered glass which is easy to clean and prevents micro-scratches.

Framed doors are usually made of thinner glass because the frame supports the door. The frames are made of aluminum and powder coated by a variety of colours and finishes. The glass is then sealed into the frame to avoid any leakage.

Frameless doors are also made out of tempered glass but have a thicker pane to give the required support. Clips, hinges, and door pulls are used at the edges and corners with a thick silicone to seal the glass. You can use a seal strip at the bottom to keep water in the shower.

2. Style

Both framed and frameless custom glass shower doors have many style options, including frosted, patterned, etched, bronzed, or infused with Diamon-Fusion to help keep them from becoming water-spotted. The style difference is in the configuration of the enclosure.

Framed doors are more limited in their functionality. For example, sliding glass doors are the most common type of framed shower. You can have a framed door with a heavier top frame and a door that pivots within it. However, this type of framed door has become less common as bathroom enclosures have become larger.

For frameless doors, you can opt for French-style doors that open outward, but there are other style options. For example, in one popular door type, the panel is fixed to the wall and you have to hinge the door to the panel. There are custom looks like knee walls and three-wall glass enclosures which give the bathroom a more minimalistic feel. Heavy framed glass doors provide a traditional vibe, while frameless doors are more contemporary.

3. Care and Maintenance

Framed glass shower doors have tracks at the top and bottom which can cause water-logging, which in turn can lead to corrosion. Mould and mildew can spread from there because it is difficult to clean. To keep it clean, we recommend you do it after each shower to maintain the glass.

On the other hand, frameless doors do not collect water the way framed doors do. Therefore, they are easier to clean.

4. Risk Factors

Both frameless and framed glass doors can shatter in rare cases, but that mostly happens if the doors are not in use or because a clip came off. They are mostly made from tempered glass, so even if they shatter, they break into pieces, so anyone in the immediate vicinity is unlikely to get cut.

5. Durability

Framed doors with aluminum framing can corrode with time and even collect mineral deposits. But frameless doors don’t have the same problem because they don’t have any metal. Both framed and frameless doors have a lifespan of 20-30 years or more if properly maintained.

Pros & Cons of Different Glass Shower Doors


There are different kinds of shower glass options. Let’s take a look at them, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Clear Glass

This is one of the most popular options for a shower door. It is completely translucent and lets maximum light enter. It even allows for complete visibility both from inside and out. That can either be a disadvantage or an advantage.


  • Clear glass has a universal look that can go with any bathroom look.
  • It is easy to clean with any standard commercial window cleaner.
  • You can easily detect fingerprints or other stains.
  • You can clean the water after use to prevent any stain buildup or discolouration.


  • To maintain the glass’s shine, you need to clean it regularly. This can be time-consuming but will ensure the longevity of the glass door.

2. Textured Glass

There are different kinds of textured glass such as frosted, rain, and hammered. Frosted glass is created by sandblasting or etching one side of the glass panel to form an opaque texture. Rain glass is textured on one side to help let in more light but allows for little privacy. Finally, hammered glass is made with consistent indentations on one side of the panel; it looks similar to hammered metal.


  • Textured glass has several patterns, styles, and colours.
  • It immediately adds a unique touch to your bathroom.
  • You can choose the amount of privacy you want based on the style you select.
  • Certain styles allow for more light to enter than others.


  • Some textured glass types (e.g. frosted glass) require more effort to clean than the rest because soap scum and dirt can accumulate in the patterns of the glass.
  • It can be expensive depending on the style.

3. Tinted Glass

If you are tired of patterns or clear glass, tinted glass could be your answer. You can custom make the tinted glass door to add extra colours to match your bathroom. For example, you can add a blue or green tint to a nautical or beach-themed bathroom or a greyish or backsplash hue to have a more rustic or darker theme.


  • It is highly unique.
  • It is easily customizable to your bathroom colours.
  • You can even add a pattern with the tint on the door.


  • Specific colours may show scratches or buildup more quickly than others.

Increase the beauty of your home with glass shower doors. If you need professional tips for selecting them, click here. To get varied, unique, and classic designs of shower glass and glass enclosures, contact Shower Lagoon today!

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