Custom Glass Shower Doors: 4 Major Factors Influencing Cost

Are you looking for custom glass shower doors to remodel your bathroom? If you want a space-saving option, consider custom sliding glass doors. You can also consider custom frameless glass shower doors to add a clean minimalist design and dash of luxury to your bathroom.

Of course, different shower door options have different price tags. So, it can be difficult to figure out how much it will cost to install a particular type of shower door. The price varies depending on the glass size, type, your customization options, and other factors.

Read on to discover the factors that determine the price of custom glass shower doors.

Factors That Affect the Price of Custom Glass Shower Doors

When upgrading your glass shower door, the most important question is price. This is impacted by a variety of factors which we will discuss here.

1. Custom or Pre-Configured

Compared to ready-made shower doors, custom ones are considerably more expensive as they are built to accommodate the shape and size of your specific bathroom. With pre-configured units, the glass can be overlapped to adjust the size. But custom shower doors are made to make the most of your space so are more expensive.

2. Glass Door Size and Style

The second factor is the type of glass you want to install. If you are an admirer of sophistication, elegance, and luxury, a frameless glass door will immediately upgrade the look of your bathroom. And it is easy to maintain. Although it costs more than a standard shower door, the investment will be worth it in the long run.

The thickness of the glass will also impact its price. There is a minimum thickness required for framed and frameless glass panels, but you pay more for thicker ones. This will help you create a stronger, more durable shower door.

The size of the glass panel is also relevant as bigger panels cost more. This is doubly true of custom panels. For instance, if you are looking for a more complex hexagonal shape then that will definitely add to your construction costs.

3. Decorative Glass

Decorative glass treatments also boost your shower door’s cost. There are many options to consider when it comes to decorative glass options. For example, if you want textured, clear, or frosted glass, the design will affect the cost.

The best part about custom shower doors is that you can explore different glass decorations and choose what you want. You can opt for a smooth satin or patterned look. Even within a frosted design, there are options to create more opaque or translucent screens. If you prefer privacy, pay the extra for a more intense rain-patterned glass shower door.

4. Installation Cost

The installation process can add to your overall cost. To save on this, many prefer to install the door themselves. But this is a complex and lengthy process. In fact, a single mistake can lead to major trouble, expense, and risk of damaging the glass. That is why it is best to hire the professionals from Shower Lagoon for safe and proper glass door installation.

Custom glass shower doors are a great alternative to traditional shower curtains or regular doors. Indeed, they are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their numerous benefits. Go through the above factors to understand which aspects will influence their overall cost. If you want high-quality custom glass shower doors, contact Shower Lagoon for safe and affordable installation.