Configuration of Glass Railings: Pick the Ideal One

Applying glass as the fundamental constituent in railings is a phenomenal idea in interior designing. Many of us prefer staircase or balcony framed straight out of natural solid wood or concrete materials. But if an alternate solution is accessible with equal strength and bettered appearance, then isn’t it better to make use of something which sets your professional and personal space apart from the commonplace looks.

Glass is tempered before being applied as home or office composition essential, to ensure safety. Such glass panels are strong enough to sustain load and resist bad weather conditions. Unlike other materials glass is not susceptible to indoor or outdoor moisture and does not split or crack to lose its robust composure.

Manufacturers of glass railings have induced varieties of designs, which can be implemented as per the demand of the place.

  • Thick glass panels: Cost of glass railing will be proportional to its thickness. Broadly, your designer or installer will suggest you to afford thick and heavy-weight glass panels for your top-floor condominium or apartment.
  • Minimum metal or wood: Generally, the sky-rise buildings provide incomparable outdoor view. The engaging and compact sight of things taking place outside becomes the selling-aspect of your property. Then why block the view? Heighten the visibility with reduced usage of wooden or metallic frames. Glass panels can be impeccably installed with small metallic bolts and clamps.
  • Wooden handrail and posts: Specifically, applicable in wooden decks. When natural shade of wood is your chosen décor statement, then railing combined of both wood and glass is the perfect resolution. While glass panels provide the see-through effect, solid wood takes over the sides of the panels. The resultant is a long continuous wooden handrail, with wooden posts on either sides of each glass panel. This terrific combo of transparency and opacity is also suitable for extended balconies.
  • Adjacent metallic handrails: Rather than sticking to the same old trend of placing handrail over railing, the technique is to affix metallic finish handrails adjacent to glass panels. While the top edges remain exposed, horizontal handrail not only adds a different style but imparts better support resembling an elongated handle.
  • Metallic handrail and posts: Highly appropriate for indoor staircase. Contrast is created with metal frame surrounding the glass panels. The metallic handrail and posts in between clear glass panels achieve flawless disparity. These metallic frames can be obtained in lustrous dark black and brown shades.

Glass panels can be taken out individually for repair or replacement. Maintenance of glass panels is undeniably easy. You wouldn’t want to destroy the protective coating of glass panels. Thus, occasional wiping of the panels with squeeze and mild solutions will help you to retain its elegance for a long time. Glass railing is an efficient means of upgrading your home with least commotion over care and repair.