Improve the Charm of Your Bathtub with Glass Enclosure

Bath tubs are adored by all, from toddlers, young adults to aged individuals. You treasure bathing at ease as the water refreshes you for the upcoming day. Unlike a common shower, where you need to stand; a bathtub heightens the comfort by allowing you to sit, relax and relish the watery moments. Normally, clad with curtains, the obviousness ruins the appeal of your bathroom. For which, when you renovate your home, there is no need to pluck away the bathtub; instead upgrade its charm with glass shower doors.

The Addition of Glass Shower Enclosure

  1. Toughened glass panels: The glass aiding a bathtub is treated before putting it to use. Thus, not only statement of style but also for flawless functionality, glass is highly appropriate.
  2. Wide range of design patterns: Manners in which the glass shower enclosure is applied are countless and innovative. Whether, it is to redefine your bathroom décor or thought of designing a new washroom; glass shower doors are suitable for both purposes.
  3. Fit for every bathroom style: Often the thought of décor compatibility may worry you. But glass panels with clear, shiny and see-through surfaces mingle with every color of tiles on your bathroom walls. To install glass shower enclosure, you won’t have to make any additional changes.
  4. Advantage over traditional curtains: Bathroom is a wet area. Curtain cut out of fabric, will soak water and loose its value in no time; demanding frequent replacements. Glass shower doors for bathtubs are not only sturdy but also durable, as the protective coating on glass prevents storage of water on the surface.
  5. Perfect for constrained areas: Bathtubs enclosed with glass doors are highly suitable for bathrooms with small space, the user gets the benefit of both shower and bathtub integrated in one; within whatever space is available. Strong glass panels completely guarding the bathtub without any slippery marbles or tiles is what you need for your old folks.
  6. Ease of pivot glass doors: Install glass doors on bathtub in pivot manner. Pivoting doors will help you access the interior by sweeping in or out easily. In case of sliding doors, there are chances that soap, shampoo, hair or fabric may get stuck in the roller wheels or inside the edges on the supporting racks. With pivot glass doors there will be no such maintenance troubles.

For elongated bathtubs, the glass panels can be installed in a specific alignment. Introducing glass is one cost-effective measure of redefining your bathroom. The glass panels can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth. A little maintenance can make these enclosures stay glamorous and sturdy for many years.

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