Things to Consider Before Buying a Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door adds depth and style to any bathroom design. If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom with a glass shower door instead of shower curtains, you must carefully evaluate the available options. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some key factors that you need to consider before buying a shower glass door for your bathroom.

Which Type of Glass Shower Door is Suitable for Your Bathroom?

There are a number of glass shower door styles available to suit your space. Consider how you want your shower door to function when deciding the type of door you want to install. Check out your available shower space, how and where the bath tub is laid, what’s the supporting wall made of, the maximum weight it can support, etc. Your shower door should make your space appear larger, coherent and more functional.

The main types of shower doors are as follows-

  • Framed Doors: Made from textured or tempered glass, these shower doors are supported and surrounded by framing. They’re more economical than the other options but can look equally classy. The frames accentuate the bathroom and can make the space look attractive.
  • Semi-Frameless Doors: These shower doors are an ideal solution for individuals who are looking to create the appearance of a frameless door within a tight budget. Semi-frameless glass shower doors come with a metal framing on the entire enclosure except around the door.
  • Frameless Doors: Made from tempered glass with a thickness range varying between 3/8 “ to ½”, these doors don’t have a framing to support their external edges. They’re ideal for creating a sleek, modern style bathroom that’s cohesive with the tile work, fixtures, flooring and the entire bathroom decor.
  • Neo-Angle Doors: They can fit into a bathroom corner and come with a single framed or frameless glass door. The doors pivot or swing to open.
  • Pivot or Swinging Doors: These doors have hinges that let them swing open into the shower enclosure by 180 to 360 degrees. They are more apt for narrow stall showers.
  • Round Doors: They can efficiently enclose a corner shower enabling you to save space in a small bathroom.
  • Sliding Doors: This type of shower door is best used in bathrooms where there isn’t enough space to swing out the door into the room. These doors are installed in pairs on track panels that allow them to open from both directions. These are ideal for larger spaces with a bathtub in the shower area.

What Kind of Glass Should You Choose for Your Shower Door?

Once you decide on which type of shower door fits your bathroom space, needs, and budget, select the type of glass. Glass shower doors are made from tempered glass which is tougher than standard glass. Having a minimum thickness of 3/8”, the doors with ¾” and ½” glass thickness is considered stronger. They’re available in a variety of finishes such as frosted for privacy, textured for interest, and etched glass for patterned design. If you enjoy the incoming morning light from your bathroom window while taking shower, you can opt for clear finish glass.

There are also cheaper and light-weight options available but they are, however, prone to scratches and require special cleaners to avoid discolouration.

Some shower doors come with a surface protectant on the glass which is known as treated glass. They repel oil, water, and are resistant to UV rays.

Is Cleaning and Maintenance Easy?

When choosing a shower door, this is an important factor to consider. Framed doors require regular cleaning and thorough scrubbing as they easily accumulate residue and soap scum compared to frameless doors. Textured glass is, again, easier to clean than clear glass. Opting for a treated glass will make cleaning a lot easier.

There are several options for glass shower doors. Therefore, before you walk in a store to purchase one, consider these factors to streamline your decision-making process. If you’re indecisive, consult shower door experts who can help with measurements and choice. Call us at 1-905-265-1476 or write to us for a free quote.