Quick and Easy Tips for a Sparkling Bathroom

Bathroom is a heavy duty place which has to endure a lot. People often find it hard to clean and maintain it properly. Cleaning can be really simple if you know some clever shortcuts.

• After-shower love
Show some love to your washroom after you have taken a shower. As soon as you are done, use a squeegee to get rid of all residues from the surface. This will not take up much of time but leave you with clean floor tiles. Next take a piece of cloth or microfibre towel and give a quick rub down to your floor and walls. This will take very little time and doing this on a regular basis will ensure that your bathroom is always clean and the exercise does not take up a lot of your time and energy. You can also prevent accumulation of hard water stains on your shower attachments through this method and keep them looking brand new.

• Tackling mildew
This is a problem that plagues most households and there are a couple things that can help eradicate this issue from your bathroom. First of all hinder chances of its growth by cutting the bottom of your shower curtain in an uneven manner. The irregular edges instigate dripping of water and thus reducing possibility of mold. To tackle mold-infested shower curtains, soak them in salt water for some hours. Take them out, squeeze out water, air dry and then hang them back. The salt will get rid of mildew naturally.

• Clean faucets
Cleaning faucets need not be a hassle anymore. Simply take a bag of vinegar and use it to cover the shower faucet. Secure everything with a string or rubber band and let it rest overnight. In morning you will get a shiny, brand new looking faucet without any rubbing or scrubbing.

• Baby steps
A good way to have an impeccable bathroom is to keep grime away and the main culprit behind this is dirty feet. Walking around bare feet leads to filthy feet and when you enter clean shower, the floor is stained. This must be cleared soon otherwise it may look permanently dirty. To nip this problem at the bud you can try wiping your feet on a bathmat before entering shower. Or if you keep forgetting to do that, keep a scrub brush handy which can be used to give a scrub after your shower.

The most important thing that you can do is start using liquid soaps instead of solid bars as this will reduce accumulation of scum and suds and will dramatically cut down on the amount of energy put towards cleaning of your bathrooms.