How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Styling and smart design can make a tiny space work well. Even though your bathroom may be on the smaller side, it doesn’t mean it can’t feel big. Various design tricks are used by interior designers to create an illusion of more space than there actually is. You can do the same. Here are some tips you can employ to achieve a functional bathroom, however small it is in reality.

  • Use light colours

Using light colours in a small space creates an illusion of it being larger than it is. This goes for your walls and floor. Tiles are perfect for making small spaces feel and look much bigger. Choosing a tile with a gloss finish allows you to benefit from reflected light bouncing off them and reflecting on the walls. This helps create a spacious and fresh feel in the room. Also, pale tiles are perfect for giving a clean look to a tiny space. However, try to avoid heavy and bold patterns when selecting the tiles as they can make the space look cluttered and clumsy.

  • Choose simple and sleek fixtures

Simple and sleek bathroom fixtures take up less space. Oblong toilets tend to take up more space than their round models. Also, consider installing a wall mounted or pedestal sink. The space underneath can be used for storage.

  • Install glass shower doors

If your budget allows it, install glass shower doors and get rid of your shower curtains if you have them installed. The lines help reduce the visual clutter, giving you more space. Also, if you have a bathtub which you seldom use, consider getting rid of it altogether and instead installing a walk-in shower.

  • Modify the lighting

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom an updated feel and helps make it seem larger at the same time. Try to choose simple yet bright fixtures. Install lighting fixtures on both sides of the mirror instead of directly above it as this helps avoid any casting shadows.

  • Install mirrors

Mirrors don’t just reflect light, but also reflect the space directly in front of it. This makes it a very good choice for small spaces as it can make the room feel larger than it actually is. Choosing a large mirror with a very simple frame can provide the best result. Using two mirrors on opposite walls can add more depth to the room.

  • De-clutter

Minimize clutter as much a possible. The emptier the room is, the larger it’ll look. Items that you don’t use every day can be stored in the laundry room or in a closet. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to make your bathroom feel more spacious.

  • Ceiling

The illusion of a raised ceiling can be created by installing a crown moulding around your bathroom ceiling. Paint it in the same colour as your ceiling, preferably in a light shade. Coloured or dark paint will make your ceiling seem much lower than it actually is. White or other light colours will make it seem higher and bigger as well.

A few minor changes can make a dramatic difference in making your bathroom seem more open. Implementing these simple tips will help you create a bathroom which seems visually larger, while also adding value to your home and overall lifestyle.