Glass Shower Door Installations: What Homeowners Need to Know

Do you want to make your Toronto-area bathroom look more stylish and elegant? Try adding a custom glass shower door. They make it look more sophisticated and create a bright, open feeling.

However, installing glass shower doors requires more than just a good eye for design. The process can be complicated, and you need to understand the details to make sure your bathroom looks great and is safe to use. That includes deciding on things like glass width, thickness, what hinges you want, and which way the shower door should swing.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about installing custom glass shower doors in your Toronto home.

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What to Know Before Installing a Custom Glass Shower Door

Before you start the process of installing a custom glass shower door, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind.

Choose the Right Glass Width and Thickness

When planning to install a custom glass shower door, the first critical step is to select the appropriate width and thickness of glass. It’s best to choose glass panels no less than 4.5 inches wide, with the overall width ranging between 22 and 36 inches.

To ensure durability and safety, make sure to opt for thicker glass (around ⅜ of an inch for swinging doors) to increase the longevity of your hinges.

Glass Width and Thickness

Execute Precise Installation of Hinges and Clips

You can ensure a more precise installation by taking deliberate actions with hinges and clips. Avoid mounting these components directly onto standard glass to prevent breakage. Instead, hinge the shower door off a thicker, more robust glass panel to ensure stability. This proactive decision not only impacts the functionality of the installation but guarantees its safety and security.

Implement Safety Precautions for Electrical Wiring and Pipes

Be proactive when it comes to safety. Look for potential hazards related to electrical wiring and pipes. Make sure that there is no wiring or pipes in the space where you intend to install your shower hardware. This will help prevent potential damage and keep users safe.

Keep Form and Function When Choosing a Curb Top Material

Choose a shower curb top material that both looks good and works well. Instead of opting for smaller tiles, choose solid surfaces like tile, marble, or granite. Doing so can prevent problems like mould, mildew, and leaks while creating a good-looking shower enclosure.

Balance Ventilation and Aesthetics by Installing Transoms

Strategically installing transoms in your shower can help balance ventilation and aesthetics. These elements are also essential for stability and allow for pivoting doors.

It’s important to ensure that the installation is done correctly to prevent any obstruction caused by shower fans or vents.

Why Opting for Professional Installation Matters

Putting in your own custom glass shower doors may seem like a tempting DIY project, but the expertise of professionals is unmatched. Here’s why.

Safety and Precision

Safety should always be your top priority when installing heavy glass panels like shower doors. This is where the expertise of professionals comes in handy as they possess the necessary tools and skills to securely install the doors, minimizing the risk of accidents. Apart from safety, their precision guarantees a level and secure installation that meets high-quality standards.

Time and Cost Efficiency

While a DIY approach may seem cost-effective, it can lead to mistakes that require costly repairs or replacements. Professionals, on the other hand, ensure a timely and cost-efficient installation, saving both time and money in the long run.

Warranty and Assurance

When homeowners hire professional glass installers, they benefit from the warranties provided on both their workmanship and products. This offers them peace of mind and ensures that they are protected in case any issues arise. However, attempting a DIY installation does not come with this level of protection and support.

The installation of custom glass shower doors in your Toronto home requires a careful balance of aesthetic choices and practical considerations. Knowing the details about glass width, thickness, hinges, and door swings ensures a seamless transformation. However, when it comes to execution, hiring professionals is the key to safety, precision, and long-term assurance. For high-quality shower glass doors and panels and professional installation, Shower Lagoon is the most reliable choice. Transform your bathroom with elegance and functionality by trusting our experts.