7 Benefits of Glass Railings (2021 Update)

When it comes to choosing guardrails for your property, you want to ensure safety without compromising on beauty and elegance. That’s why a glass railing system might be your best choice.

While railings can be made from a variety of materials – including wood, chrome, iron, stainless steel, and stone – glass has become extremely popular thanks to its myriad benefits. A sleek look, safety, easy maintenance and customization are just some of the key benefits of glass railings used on staircases, decks, walkways, and pools.

Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Glass Railings

Wood and iron are traditional railing choices, but technological advancements have made glass an attractive alternative for homeowners and architects. But why? Here we explore their benefits.

1. They’re Easy to Maintain

They're Easy to Maintain

Compared to iron, wood, and other railing materials, glass is easier to maintain. Unlike other intricately designed materials, glass is sleek and quick to clean. Simply use a quality glass cleaner to wipe down the railings in just a few minutes. In case of scratches or other damages, polishing can often fix the issue and restore its shine, which is a major advantage over wood or metal railings.

Tempered safety glass is treated at a very high temperature to make it extremely tough and durable; so much so that extreme weather poses no threat.

Additionally, there’s no chance of rot, rust or mould. Termites and other insects can infest wood, making it unsafe for use.

Finally, there’s no need for painting, staining, or replacing of parts.

2. They Look Great

They Look Great

The clean lines and contemporary feel of glass handrails have made this an increasingly popular option with homeowners. Because glass is transparent, it makes even the narrowest staircase seem wider and more spacious.

What’s more, since the tempered glass panels are nearly invisible, they provide a seamless flow between your property and the surrounding landscape.

Whether you choose a simple row of glass steps or a spiralling staircase with a glass railing, you can customize the design to meet your needs.

3. They’re Safe and Durable

They're Safe and Durable

In addition to their sleek look and easy maintenance, glass railings are safe and extremely durable.

Firstly, since they don’t have slats or openings, it’s impossible for a child or pet to stick their limbs or head through and get stuck or, worse, fall through. (The space between the glass and the supports is too small.)

Secondly, glass railings are difficult for children to climb on as there are no places for them to gain purchase and fall.

Thirdly, safety-tempered glass panels don’t break into large, sharp pieces, making them safe to use on and around stairs. They also serve as a barrier against strong winds, rain, and heavy snowfall. They also won’t crack when exposed to extreme temperatures or change colour due to any external factor.

Unlike wooden or steel railings which lose their shine and functionality after a few years, glass railings will continue to look great and function well for a very long time.

4. They Add to Your Property’s Resale Value

For house flippers and property dealers concerned about making their properties attractive and valuable, glass railings are a great choice. They provide much-needed security, while giving your property a unique grace. Even after years of use, glass rails will continue to look great and perform well.

Unlike wooden or metal ones, which look bulky and decrease visibility, transparent glass railings make a space appear bigger than it is. Add them to a staircase in your home, or around a backyard deck or pool, to optimize your property’s selling potential.

5. They’re Easily Customized

Glass railings are easily customizable, allowing you to match them to your existing home decor. Whether your property has a modern or traditional style, you can get them made according to your needs.

Choose from a range of glass shapes, sizes, transparencies and tints to create the look and privacy you desire. Consider blurring or frosting the glass surface for enhanced privacy.

6. They’re Easy to Install

They're Easy to Install

Glass railings are generally easier to install than those made out of other materials. Some only consist of two parts – glass panels and a railing – which makes installation a breeze. Other glass railing models may be a little complicated, but still offer easy, quick installation compared to iron, wood, or steel varieties.

7. They’re An Eco-Friendly Choice

Glass is recyclable and chemically inert, which makes it an eco-friendly option for railing construction. While iron and other metals can emit harmful substances over time due to oxidization, glass is absolutely safe for long-term use in your home or at your business.

Things to Take Note of During Glass Railing Installation

  • The railing structure and hardware must be able to bear the load of the toughened glass. That’s why its design must be in strict accordance with your building’s design and specifications. The design of your glass railing and the selection of the related accessories must be done well in advance of its installation.
  • For a typical glass handrail, no pole is required. If it’s an outdoor one and there’s a lot of foot traffic, it’s better to add a metal column so as to avoid any accident.
  • If the glass handrail is being installed in a multi-storey building, its height should be between 1.1 and 1.2 m and meet the requirements of the architectural design code.
  • During the manufacturing of glass stair railings, peripheral parts must be polished and chamfered to avoid or reduce the occurrence of spontaneous glass breakage. The base of a glass stair armrest should include embedded bolts for enhanced stability.

Glass railings are often a concern for home or business owners looking to improve the appearance and safety of their property. Many worry that the glass will break and cause injury, or that they’re not sturdy enough to withstand regular wear and tear. However, that’s a myth. In reality, glass railings are, in many ways, safer and more beneficial than traditional railing systems. When you choose quality glass and installation, they’re a safe and valuable option for both residential and commercial projects.