Why Choose Glass Railings for Your Patio? (7 Reasons)

Patio owners are familiar with spending cool nights and hot summer days with their loved ones outside. But patios are at the mercy of external elements throughout the year. Hence, you need durable materials that stand up well to dirt, dust, moisture, heat, mould, grime, and mildew. When not taken into consideration, patio materials can become damaged and cost a lot to repair.

While wood, iron, and steel have popularly been used to construct railings, glass is getting a lot of attention for its durability and design versatility. While homeowners may worry about safety, exterior glass railings are actually constructed using high-quality tempered glass, making it a reliable fixture.

Here are some other reasons why you should consider investing in glass railings for your Toronto-area patio.

7 Key Reasons to Choose Glass Railings for Your Outdoor Patio 

Explore these compelling reasons to invest in glass railings for your patio.

Why-Choose-Glass-Railings-for-Your- Patio

  • There Are Various Options AvailableWhen considering your home’s design, glass is a state-of-the-art material in modern homes. From patios to decks, it helps create an open, airy, and bright space. Moreover, there are different options from which you can choose.
  • Frameless GlassThese railings feature panels without framed borders. They are held in place by posts, clamp systems, and base screens, and the absence of supporting structures make them suitable for areas that overlook beautiful scenery.
  • FramedThese exterior glass railings feature glass panels that are supported and kept in place using frames, metal posts, and handrails. Offering a combination of safety and luxury, this type of glass can be secured to a variety of materials such as concrete and wood. Although they aren’t as sleek as frameless ones, this style is suitable for homes with pets and children as there are no pillars for them to get stuck between or to slip through.
  • 1. They Enhance Your Patio’s Visual AppealGlass patio railings offer unique aesthetic appeal. As more homeowners opt for contemporary and modern designs, glass is becoming more widely used as it offers a seamless appeal that works well with these designs. A metal or wooden railing can look clunky and obstruct your view by comparison. Additionally, this is one of the only railing system materials that incorporate various designs but doesn’t appear cluttered once finished.
  • 2. They Protect Against High WindsExterior glass railings are made using a series of solid glass panels that offer enhanced protection against wind. It does so by blocking it from entering your patio area, ensuring you can enjoy the weather without having to worry about the winds disturbing you. This makes it a great choice for homes located in cooler regions where cold air may cause discomfort and discourage homeowners from sufficiently using their outdoor area. With an exterior glass railing, you can enjoy your patio throughout more of the year.
  • 3. They’re Easy to MaintainIf you’re in search of a railing material that doesn’t require too much effort to maintain, glass is the perfect option. Compare the maintenance required for glass with having to restain or repaint wooden railings every few months and you can see how much time, effort, and money you will save.

    All you need to do to maintain your glass railing is to clean it with a bit of mild liquid soap, water, and a squeegee. You may also use a soft sponge to get rid of marks and stubborn dirt or dust. With proper maintenance, you also won’t have to worry about mould, mildew, or grime, unlike with other materials.

  • 4. They Can Be Customized Any glass element can be customized to suit your needs, and the same is applicable to railings. You can choose from a wide range of distinctive tints such as dark, dim, and bronze. Also, if you pick one from these varieties, you will have added privacy. Moreover, with a custom exterior glass railing, you add a feature that complements the aesthetics of your patio.
  • 5. They Can Be Installed Quickly Compared to other upgrades you may make to your patio, glass railings are one of the fastest and most affordable to install. This is possible as there are relatively few materials required. Plus, since you may only have to replace specific portions in case of damage or wear and tear, you can save money when it comes to renovating the space.
  • 6. They Increase Your Patio’s SafetyMost manufacturers use tempered glass for their railings; ensuring homeowners have a durable design. If a panel were to break, it would shatter into small circular pieces instead of sharp shards, reducing the chance of injury. Many exterior glass railing suppliers also offer a warranty against manufacturing defects so you don’t need to worry about overly expensive repair bills.

    Exterior glass railings offer many benefits over other materials, making them an option worth considering for your patio. It can be a worthwhile investment as it will allow you to have a fuller view outside while ensuring you and your loved ones stay safe and more protected against weather. If you are looking to elevate your patio with subtle sophistication, invest in glass railings by getting in touch with a responsible dealer.