8 Amazing Tile Ideas for a Promising Bathroom

When approaching a bathroom renovation, it’s best to start at the bottom.

Your flooring and shower tiles are more than just a backdrop; they’re an important part of the decor and set the tone for every other design element in the room.

Even if you’re not planning a complete bathroom renovation, simply changing up your flooring and shower tiles can give the room a high impact update.

Now, there are many common options, as well as newer materials. From ceramic wall tiles to porcelain shower tiles, they’ve all had their moment in the spotlight. But applying new designs to old materials (or deviating from conventional materials) may just be what your bathroom needs.

Different Shower Tile Ideas

Thinking about adding a tile shower to your bathroom or remodelling a pre-existing one? Be sure to consider all your options.

This will involve a lot of newer materials, some of which you may not have been aware of.

As for conventional material choices, you’ll learn a lot of style variations for them as well.

And the best part is that you can use these ideas for a grand bathroom or to make your small bathroom look more sophisticated.

·   Larger Tiles

Even if you have a small bathroom, you may want to consider using larger tiles for your shower.

It’s a misconception to think that only tiny tiles look good in a small bathroom. Large tiles can help your bathroom appear more spacious. You can also alternate small and large tiles to create an interesting visual. Large porcelain tiles can be the perfect replacement for stone in your shower walls and backsplash.

Larger tiles push shower walls out and make your bathroom appear bigger. There’s also more scope to play around with different shapes and patterns.

Which brings us to our second point.

·   Graphic Tile Patterns

Graphic tile patterns can perfectly accent any room, whether you use them on the floor or wall. Their intricate patterns ensure that your shower looks captivating, whether you want subtle hues or bold contrasting colours. This is one of the biggest trends in tile design this year. The best part? From subway tiles to ceramic ones, these patterns are available everywhere.

Want to show your creative side? This is your chance. And it’s not just encaustic ceramic tiles with graphic patterns that are becoming popular; porcelain is ready for a comeback too.

·  Diagonal Patterns

Speaking of patterns, your tile installation doesn’t need to be limited to your bathroom floor. You can easily install tiles to cover the area from floor to ceiling. A great way to create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom is to use diagonal or herringbone patterns on the longest wall.

However, complicated patterns are more difficult to install and you need to be very cautious while planning. Otherwise, the entire look can fall apart.

·   Fun Colours

Don’t be afraid to use fun colours in your bathroom space. If a retro look is what you desire, this is the perfect way to go. Colours such as teal, green and even bubble gum pink can be good choices for your tile colour.

·   Black Tiles

If bold colours aren’t for you, you can always go back to black. Black tiles add a certain elegance and sophistication to any bathroom, especially if it’s small. Our advice would be to combine the masculine look of black tiles with floral wallpaper for a striking contrast.

·  Contrasting Subway Tiles

White 3-inch x 6-inch rectangular subway tiles are common, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. In 2020, expect to see more interesting subway tiles that vary in pattern and size. Using more colourful and larger tiles, and trying out different patterns (think dome, bevelled or arched), can provide you with relief from safe all white.

·   Matte Tiles

The popularity of matte tiles is on the rise this year, and their soft yet powerful style is perfect for raising interest without being overwhelming. Their biggest advantage is that they don’t easily retain smudges and watermarks which makes them perfect for bathroom floors. However, it’s advisable to make sure that there’s enough natural and artificial lighting since they won’t reflect much light.

·   Glossy Tiles

Glossy tiles may not be the best option for your floor but they make sense for your walls. They can compensate for the dull appearance of matte tiles in terms of lighting inside your shower. When choosing glossy tiles, pick a neutral colour so your bathroom doesn’t look too old fashioned.

If you want a bathroom that stands out, choosing the right tiles is crucial. That can be challenging since there’s so much variety. However, these unique ideas should help you decide on the best uncommon colours, finishes or shapes, not to mention materials. For the best outcome, get in touch with our bathroom renovation experts.

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