5 Reasons to Install Shower Glass in your Bathroom

For anyone out there who is looking to give your bathroom a new look, it perhaps time to consider glass showers. And guess what? We will give you not just one, but 5 strong reasons to do so. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at what makes glass showers a perfect makeover element for your bathroom.

  1. Say good bye to mold deposits–Any glass shower enclosure is resistant to mold deposits and one can also clean them on a regular basis. Moreover, if one has designed his house in accordance to a contemporary pattern, a glass shower enclosure would act as fine complement and an integral design element to hold on to.
  2. Durability & longevity–Shower glasses are often weaved out of tempered glass and hence it’s a one piece attachment which stays glued to their position for over years of usage. It also has great resistance to hold you if you accidentally slip on it or slip in the bathroom owing to the wet floor. If you are looking more something that is above the normal installation of shower glass enclosures, you can always shell out a few extra bucks to increase the thickness of the attachment.
  3. Matching colors to uplift the inner décor of the bathroom–Glass shower enclosures also comes in a variety of colors to choose from so that one can match them up to the color of their bathroom. In case you are split for choice, go for the clear glass which would eventually match up any décor in any bathroom.
  4. A perfect replacement to wood or plastic–Over time and repeated usage, wooden or plastic doors tends to slack from their places and also exhibit decay in places that holds them through which usually happens due to moisture. Also, when using wooden doors one has to take care and look after the mold deposits that encourage corrosion.
  5. Costs–Installing a heavy quality wooden door might call for a hefty investment but still the problems of mold deposits and wear and tear. In case of a glass shower, things are always looking better in terms of longevity and durability put together. Although, it might be a little harsh on your pockets, one shouldn’t mind the burn considering that it would a one-time investment that shall serve you over years.

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