5 Advantages of Automatic Glass Doors in Commercial Spaces

Automatic Glass Doors
Image Credit: tormax.ca

What first welcomes your visitors when they arrive at your office or retail store’s building? The door. To make a positive first impression on customers, many commercial spaces prefer to install automatic glass doors at the entrance.

Automatic glass doors are popular because of multiple benefits they offer. They not only provide convenience, but also give a modern appearance to your building.

If you have not installed an automatic glass entrance at your commercial complex, then here are 5 reasons why you should reconsider your decision.

  • Convenience

A door that opens automatically solves the problem of having to manually open a heavy door. It’s hands-free, convenient and easy to use. It provides a hassle-free entrance to your elderly and disabled customers, and people carrying heavy luggage or children.

  • Easy Traffic Flow

During the busy hours at a retail store or shopping mall, customers can struggle to pass each other through manual or revolving doors causing congestion. An automatic door is an excellent option for controlling pedestrian traffic flow and reducing congestion. It will keep the traffic free-flowing by providing an easy walk through entry and exit way.

  • Safety

Many companies manufacture custom glass entrances that are well-equipped with safety features. These features include sensors, timers, and wireless remote control to enable you to lock and unlock the doors without being physically present. They provide you the peace of mind that your office or business is in safe hands.

  • Energy Saving

Automatic doors effectively save energy in many ways and reduce the cost of heating and cooling. The doors open only when someone enters and close after he/she passes. It eliminates the probability of doors being left open and wasting building air-conditioning or heating. Doors are shut completely every time, preventing the heat and cool air from escaping.

  • Improved Perception among Customers

Apart from the convenience, safety and energy efficiency, automatic glass doors also provide your business a better image. These doors create the perception that you care about your customers and that it’ll provide excellent customer service.

Automatic glass doors are beneficial in many aspects. Their main benefit, however, is that they provide your customers with a positive welcome. Pass the ‘entrance exam’ by installing an automatic glass door at your office or other commercial spaces.

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