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Considered among the best in the glass shower industry, Shower Lagoon offers you a wide range of bathroom renovation options. If you are looking for shower enclosures in Toronto, choose one from the multiple styles we offer. From in-line to neo-angle cubicles, we provide the perfect solutions and unique designs custom made for your home. Only the best materials are used for all our creations making them durable enough to last for ages. Apart from glass shower enclosures we also make bathtub enclosures, frameless shower doors, custom mirrors and glass railings and entrances.

Why Choose Shower Enclosures?

Everyone spends a significant amount of time every day in the bathroom. It is the most relaxing room in a home. That’s why investing in optimising its luxury is beneficial. Glass shower enclosures can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and also provide certain advantages like:

  • Maintenance is easy as glass enclosure require very little maintenance and cleaning
  • A glass enclosure creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom making it suitable even for small spaces
  • Customisable choice and can be made-to-order
  • Safer choice since the glass is tempered and heat soaked, also easy to clean up after bathing reducing the chances of accidents from slipping
  • Adds value to your property if you consider selling it in the future
  • Classy and high-end appearance and appears almost invisible

Glass shower enclosures are versatile and available in varied designs. They can be custom made to fit any kind of bathroom adding an aesthetic value to it. Irrespective of the square footage available, this kind of instalment can be smoothly done at any home. We have skilled designers working with us who can guide you with functional designs. Explore the possibilities with big, medium or small shower enclosures in Toronto at our showroom.

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Tips to Choosing the Right Shower Enclosures

There are different varieties of glass enclosures and you must choose the best match for your bathroom. The corner shower enclosures in Toronto are a particularly popular choice for small spaces. Here are some tips on how you can determine the best choice for your home:

  • Determine the angles that can be used for your bathroom since most bathroom hardware is designed to be accommodated within 90, 135 and 180 degrees
  • Position the shower head towards walls or a fixed panel to avoid leakage
  • Choose a solid marble or tile curb top to avoid leakage, mildew and mould growth
  • Consider the thickness of the glass to be used for the shower enclosure.

A professional designer can give multiple designs that will suit your bathroom layout. Be it renovating a dated bathroom design or constructing a new one- proper planning will ensure you have the perfect room to indulge in a relaxing spa-like experience at home.

We value your home as much as you do and design custom-made designs to add value to your property. To get durable shower enclosures in Toronto, you can always contact our designers. We offer a large variety in grades of glass, designs and customisations. Meet us to get a free estimate for suitable shower enclosure for your home!

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