Redefine Elegance with Pivot Glass Shower Doors

Amplify your bathroom’s interiors, whether modern or traditional, with pivot glass shower doors. They slot into a dedicated space with swivels or pivot pins fitted to the top and bottom of the door frame. These allow it to open and shut properly. The snug fittings of pivoting glass shower doors prevent water from leaking from your shower to the rest of your bathroom. Pivot shower glass doors are extremely versatile and can be used in an alcove or with full shower enclosures with side panels as well. You can fit the pivot doors between two walls and convert your small showering area into a shower enclosure. Or, you can use it with a wall on one side and a glass panel on the other.

Shower enclosures with pivoting glass shower doors offer a wider walk-in area than any other door style, including sliding doors. This makes them best suited for all levels of accessibility. We offer a wide range of choices with unmatched quality and brilliant designs which is why they will be a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Benefits of Pivot Shower Glass Doors

Our pivot glass shower doors are widely popular among our clientele, especially the frameless style. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom while working to keep your floors dry. With our pivot glass shower doors, you will never have to worry about slipping on wet floors and constantly wiping them dry to keep them safe for yourself and your children. But why buy Shower Lagoon’s pivot glass shower doors?

  • Our products are unmatched and meet all industry standards.
  • Our wide range of selections means you never have to compromise on quality or style.
  • Our experts can help you pick the right glass shower door for your bathroom.
  • We provide top-notch glass shower door installation services.
  • We also offer replacement services.

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1. What is the difference between hinge and pivot shower doors?

Answer: Pivot doors are very similar to hinged doors. The major difference is that pivot doors can open fully in either direction while hinged doors can’t.

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2. How wide is a pivot shower door?

Answer: On average, pivot shower glass door units are 48 inches wide. However, the actual walk-in door opening measures approximately 26 inches in width.

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3. How do I remove a pivot shower door?

Answer: We don’t recommend removing a pivot shower door by yourself as it can be dangerous. Contact us if you want to uninstall or install pivot shower doors.

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