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Dec 23
New Glass Entrance

What You Need to Consider When Buying a New Glass Entrance

One increasingly popular architectural feature is the custom glass entrance. They work as alternatives to the traditional wooden or metal doors found in most homes. And by installing automatic glass doors in a commercial space, you can expect easier […]

Mar 5
Different Types of Shower Glass

Shower Glass: Properties and Uses of Common Types

Are you thinking about upgrading your bathroom with a new glass shower enclosure? Be sure to pay attention to every detail, including your choice of shower glass. There are many different types available based on your desired style, budget, amount of […]

Jul 22

Advantages of Using Shower Glass on Low Maintenance Coating

Glass shower doors look elegant and add chutzpa to the entire bathroom, besides adding the illusion of space. Apart from opaque glass, all other kinds – like the transparent and translucent ones- allow light to pass through them creating the semblanc […]

Jan 23

Make small bathrooms appear bigger

For most homes, it is common to have small bathrooms. Most of the area of a house is allocated to more important areas like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, patios, study, etc. This really leaves less space for bathrooms. But there are […]

Jan 17

Pocket-friendly ideas for a quick bathroom makeover

Akin to other rooms in a house, bathrooms also require makeovers to retain that brightness of a newly decorated bathroom. Makeovers largely depend on how much time and money you are in a position to spare to infuse some life into your old and staid b […]

Jul 26

Glass Showers-The New Found Flavor in Bathroom Makeover

Out of many shower doors types available in the market, one of the most typical door to the shower room is a by-pass door. It boasts a design that has a couple of entrance doors that is glided I the body in a certain manner that adds to the charm of […]

Jul 26

5 Reasons to Install Shower Glass in your Bathroom

For anyone out there who is looking to give your bathroom a new look, it perhaps time to consider glass showers. And guess what? We will give you not just one, but 5 strong reasons to do so. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at what make […]