Sliding Glass Shower Doors in Toronto

Sliding shower glass doors add that extra polish to your bathroom that you’ve always wanted. They are contemporary, stylish, and more hygienic than shower curtains. And if you’re worried about privacy, don’t be. Advanced glassmaking has made it possible for us to offer you sliding glass doors with various levels of opacity. So, you can adorn your bathroom with our best clear glass shower doors or pick a beautifully frosted one. For more privacy and to enjoy your shower in peace, you can insulate the doors against noise as well.

Because even the cleanest bathroom can house bacteria and other germs, it only makes sense to have a shower door that is easy to clean and maintain. It also minimizes water spillage, thus preventing accidents. We take pride in our splendid collection of stunning sliding shower glass doors. You are almost sure to find a suitable glass door style. And, if not, we can create one customized to your tastes and needs.

Benefits of Sliding Shower Glass Doors

Sliding shower glass doors add a certain charm to your bathroom. They come with many advantages and are perfect for a stylish shower area. You don’t need a specific reason for getting sliding glass doors for your shower. However, they are the best choice you can make under certain conditions. You can rely on sliding glass doors when:

  • It saves space and helps to make the space look larger, perfect for small bathrooms.
  • Offers a chic and seamless look.
  • Our precise instalment, offer a tight seal and prevent water from leaking into the bathroom.
  • Our panels can be engraved or frosted for added privacy.

Looking to Modernize Your Bathroom?

If you have and idea, let us make it a reality. Speak to our experts at Shower Lagoon to get started on transforming the bathroom of your dreams.

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1. Are sliding shower doors out of style?

Answer: Sliding shower doors have never been out of style. Their exotic and seamless modern look has made them a global favourite.

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2. On which side should my sliding shower door open?

Answer: Although you can choose for it to open on any side, we recommend keeping the sliding panel on the side of your shower head. This will keep the water away from the overlap of the panels, thus minimizing the chances of water leaking between the doors.

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3. Do frameless sliding shower doors leak?

Answer: If a frameless sliding shower door is installed perfectly, it will never leak, unless the water pressure is directly pointed at their seams. In that case, water may leak through the tiny gaps of the sliding door.

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