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Dec 2
Protecting Custom Glass Doors in Extreme Cold

5 Ways to Protect Glass Doors from the Effects of Winter

Every season has its challenges and complications, especially for the custom glass doors and windows in your Toronto home. Winter, in particular, has an impact, causing damage that can compromise their functionality and appearance. Therefore, prepari […]

Sep 24
Trending Glass Door Ideas for Your Home

Glass Doors: Their Benefits and Which Is Best for You

Have you been relentlessly searching for the best glass door in Toronto to furnish your dream home? Glass doors are safe for interior and exterior use, with modern ones made of tempered glass to reduce risk of breaking. They are also energy-efficient […]

Jan 27

What Is Spontaneous Glass Breakage and How Do You Prevent It?

Frameless glass shower doors have made their mark in the trendy and innovative world of bathroom remodelling and accessories. Their unique designs embrace three major aspects: fluidity, flow and openness. Even when you take their safety concerns into […]

Mar 31

5 Advantages of Automatic Glass Doors in Commercial Spaces

[caption id="attachment_337" align="alignleft" width="1920"] Image Credit:[/caption]What first welcomes your visitors when they arrive at your office or retail store’s building? The door. To make a positive first impression on customers […]

Jan 10

Upkeep of Glass Doors and Enclosures is Not Difficult

One of the reasons glass enclosures and fixtures are so popular, is because of the elegance they lend to a home. However, dirty glass is immediately noticeable because of its transparent properties. Glass needs to always be kept sparkling clean to av […]