How to Prevent Limescale Buildup on Your Shower Glass

Cleaning your shower is troublesome but necessary work, if you intend to keep it bright and shiny. When it comes to keeping glass shower doors clean, one of the big challenges is hard water buildup. From sticky soap scum to blocked showerheads, hard water causes many annoying issues. Image Source – Limescale is one… Read More

How to Prevent Condensation in Your Glass Shower Enclosure

Condensation is a recurring problem in most household bathrooms. After you shower, water droplets from the window, walls and mirror make the surface of your shower enclosure cold. Damp air is then cooled when it comes into contact with these surfaces. Since warm air contains more moisture than cool, the result is heavier condensation.  … Read More

How to Protect Your Glass Shower from Hard Water Buildup

Hard water is one of the most common obstacles in keeping your glass shower bright and beautiful. Although it is not particularly harmful to your health, it can cause damage to your shower wall, door and bathtub. The presence of hard water in your area is likely to cause water spots on your beautiful glass.… Read More

Towel Bars are so Common – How to Make Them Interesting

What comes to your mind on hearing the two words – “Towel Bars”? A casual plastic tiered rack or single metallic rod attached to the bathroom wall. What if you are informed that a towel holder that can be a lot more than this? Sliding curtains and wooden doors; modern decor created a rage by… Read More

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