Frosted Glass Shower Door Installation: How It Can Benefit You

Do you want to create a perfect shower space that not only complements your interior decor but adds to the privacy and beauty of your home? Then, you need to ensure that your shower space looks appealing while offering enough privacy to make you feel welcome and secure at the same time. Older bathrooms are… Read More

Best Glass Shower Wall Panel Options for a Canadian Winter

Thanks to Canada’s cold winters, a lot of energy is required to keep your shower space warm. Fortunately, this energy consumption can be reduced by installing high-quality, energy-efficient glass shower wall panels into your bathroom. It is essential for those living in Canada’s cold climate, where winter temperatures linger between -5 and -15 degrees Celsius,… Read More

Frosted Glass Shower Doors: How They Give a Private and Beautiful Shower

Glass shower doors are a great way to retain heat and moisture in your bathing space. But if you are also looking for privacy, consider installing frosted glass shower doors. Their milky, translucent surface allows in light but does not allow for a clear view within. Installing a frosted glass shower door has many benefits.… Read More

What are the Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Shower Doors on Your Bathtub

Are you still using shower curtains? Not only do they easily become unattractive, but they also create an unwanted visual barrier that prevents light from entering your bathing/showering space. So, it’s time to consider installing shower glass doors to enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom. Many clients ask us about the best type of… Read More

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