How to Customize Your Frameless Shower Doors in Toronto

Are you tired of your plain glass shower door? Want to enhance the look of your bathroom? Then it is time to customize your frameless shower doors. There are many options in Toronto when it comes to customizing your frameless shower doors. But, with the right design and style, your shower can become a focal… Read More

Inline Frameless Shower Doors: The Perfect Choice for Toronto Homes

When it comes to renovating their bathroom, many Toronto homeowners focus on updating fixtures and adding new tiles. But transforming the shower area is equally important to make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the space. One way to do so is by installing the right shower door. Inline frameless shower… Read More

Custom Frameless Shower Enclosure Installation: Go DIY or Pro?

Are you looking to install a custom frameless shower enclosure in your new bathroom? Because of the sleek transparency of these tempered-glass shower enclosures, they make your bathroom appear more spacious than it is. When planning to change the shower door, you may consider installing or replacing it on your own. Saving money on labour costs… Read More

What Type of Glass Shower Enclosure Should You Choose?

Your shower enclosure is a highly functional element of your bathroom as it separates the wet area from the dry. Indeed, it can make or break both the look and accessibility of your entire bathroom. Factors like the size and shape of your bathroom along with the position of any windows should be considered when… Read More

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