What are the Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Shower Doors on Your Bathtub

Are you still using shower curtains? Not only do they easily become unattractive, but they also create an unwanted visual barrier that prevents light from entering your bathing/showering space. So, it’s time to consider installing shower glass doors to enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom. Many clients ask us about the best type of… Read More

Bathtub Sliding Doors or Bathtub Curtains: Which Is Better?

Are you looking at alternatives to bathroom curtain? Bathtub sliding doors are a great way to complete your new shower or upgrade your current bathroom. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about sliding glass doors and shower curtains to make the right decision for your needs. Let’s get started. Why Are Sliding… Read More

What to Do When You Have a Leaking Shower Door

Leaking shower doors are one of the most common bathroom problems for many homes. Whether caused by missing or damaged door sweeps, insufficient sealing or improper installation, leakages can cause a lot of problems if left ignored. They can lead to mold and mildew growth in your bathroom, drywall, and damage flooring, sub-flooring and baseboards.… Read More

Accessorize your bathroom for a different look and feel

Accessories are crucial to a bathroom’s look. You may have installed the best bath tub or glass shower, floor tiles, sink, faucets, toilet, etc. but it is all meaningless if the accessories aren’t proper. They ought to give a co-ordinated look and feel along with the rest of the bathroom equipment. This requires you to… Read More

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