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Jan 31
Small Bathroom Tiles

8 Amazing Tile Ideas for a Promising Bathroom

When approaching a bathroom renovation, it’s best to start at the bottom.Your flooring and shower tiles are more than just a backdrop; they’re an important part of the decor and set the tone for every other design element in the room.Even if […]

Dec 4
Walk inShowers

Important Things You Should Know About Building Walk-In Showers

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you are probably also thinking of converting from a shower over the tub to a walk-in shower. Though installing a new shower may seem like a simple task, it isn’t the case. There are numerous things you should […]

Sep 3

There’s No Need for a Remodel to Create Space in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms in a home to give a mini-makeover. Once you realise how inexpensively, quickly and dramatically you can update the space without actually having to go through the trouble of remodelling or renovating, you will […]

Mar 21
Design Trends for Shower Enclosures

Design Trends for Shower Enclosures

The shower enclosure and the shower are the main features which attract all the attention in any bathroom. A new shower has the potential of completely changing the way a bathroom looks. If you’re looking to try something new or are planning to r […]

Feb 23

The Benefits of Converting a Bathtub into a Shower

A tub-to-shower-conversion may be exactly what you need, whether you’re looking to increase the functionality of your bathroom by removing the tub or simply to re-design it. Whatever the reason, know that tub-less bathrooms are generally more practic […]

Jan 24

How to Repair a Porcelain Bathtub

Porcelain is an attractive and durable surface for a bathtub. However, like most other materials, even porcelain can chip. You can try and repair the chipped tub yourself with the help of a few materials which are also easily accessible. If the chip […]

Nov 24

Design Ideas for a No-Threshold Shower

A no-threshold shower is among the most modern designs for contemporary bathrooms. A design which extends from the bathroom floor and seamlessly into the shower area, it does away with the common curbing and edging around a shower area. With so many […]

Nov 3

How to Design a Safe & Comfortable Bathroom for Active Seniors

Most seniors these days want to maintain their active and independent lifestyle, whether they stay in their current home or move into retirement communities. However, active seniors may face certain physical challenges such as mobility issues, inabil […]

Oct 3

The Pros and Cons of a Curbless Walk-In Shower

A lot of homeowners these days are opting for curbless walk-in showers in their newly renovated or redesigned bathrooms because of its rising popularity. A curbless walk-in shower helps create a streamlined bathroom but not all bathrooms can accommod […]