Ditch those Curtains for Glass Shower Doors

For anyone who loves beauty and functionality in one frame inside their bathroom, shower doors are a key thin to take into consideration. An unpleasant bathroom is undoubtedly a readymade turn off for one and all. Hence, looking good is important and one needs to do it within their budget. On the other hand, if… Read More

Selecting the Right Shower Door-Knowing the Basics

Choosing the right kind of shower door is a “spoilt for choice” game if you don’t know the basics. We tend to make mistake while choosing the right kind of shower door for our bathrooms and restrooms and the result is how we end up choosing a shower door that doesn’t seem to match our… Read More

Glass Showers-The New Found Flavor in Bathroom Makeover

Out of many shower doors types available in the market, one of the most typical door to the shower room is a by-pass door. It boasts a design that has a couple of entrance doors that is glided I the body in a certain manner that adds to the charm of the design. Having said… Read More

5 Reasons to Install Shower Glass in your Bathroom

For anyone out there who is looking to give your bathroom a new look, it perhaps time to consider glass showers. And guess what? We will give you not just one, but 5 strong reasons to do so. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at what makes glass showers a perfect… Read More