4 Major Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Having natural light in the morning does a lot for your mood. It relaxes you, so you can take on the challenges of the day. Frameless glass shower doors let in a great deal more light than ‘standard’ shower doors, perfect for when you need a rejuvenating boost before work.

This isn’t the only reason to install a glass shower door. There are four other benefits that these doors provide that enhance your bathroom and showering experience.

  • Adds value to your home

The rooms that sell a house are the kitchen and the bathroom. By having a frameless shower door installed, you enhance the overall look, and thus value, of your bathroom.

  • Built tough

Although you wouldn’t think it, frameless glass shower doors are tougher than their standard counterparts. The thickness of the glass means that it will last 3-4 times more than traditionally designed doors. There is also little to no metal used in its construction, which means corrosion won’t be an issue.

  • Simple to clean

Door frames allow dust to settle and mold to set in, but this isn’t the case with smooth glass doors. You won’t need professionals to clean your shower door, unless it needs an entire makeover. As already mentioned, there is little to no metal, meaning you won’t have to worry about removing rust.

  • Better bathroom aesthetic

The simple design of a frameless glass door imparts a chic and stylish look to your bathroom. It also gives your bathroom the appearance of being more spacious, and spa-like. These doors come in different finishes—clear, frosted and patterned, so its look can be tailored to your aesthetic tastes.

If you’re planning on revamping the style of your bathroom or shower, then consider installing a frameless glass shower door. The four benefits mentioned above make it an excellent investment.

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